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RingCentral vs. Jive – Which is the Best Virtual Phone for Toronto Businesses?

这两个人有许多共同的优点 托管的VoIP电话系统. RingCentral and Jive both come with value-added features the average business owner will appreciate. For instance, RingCentral offers a free mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS.

商务手机有这么多选择, it’s hard to know what setup is going to work best for your company communications. 幸运的是,你在TekTonic有一位专家顾问. bet8手机app下载可以帮助决定什么是最好的 多伦多企业的虚拟电话 就像你的.

Two of the best virtual phone systems currently available are RingCentral and Jive (which is why we offer both as part of our hosted VoIP services).

bet8手机app下载来分析一下环中心和. Jive contest, and talk about the various features of the two virtual business phone services, shall we?

RingCentral vs. Jive:功能

这两个人有许多共同的优点 托管的VoIP电话系统. RingCentral and Jive both come with value-added features the average business owner will appreciate. For instance, RingCentral offers a free mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Jive的智能手机应用叫做 Jive Mobile实际上,它为每位用户一次性收取20美元的费用. license最多支持应用于5台设备. It’s a little unusual in this market to have a paid app that isn’t an independent service, 但有些公司, like Jive, 选择走那条路. 他们的移动软件与Windows兼容, Android, OSX and iOS, 所以它也是Jive的软电话.

RingCentral简单地称他们的桌面软件为“Softphone,并且它也是免费使用的. Another feature that RingCentral does for free (but Jive charges for) is number porting. If you want to switch your number with Jive, it will cost $15.00.

RingCentral还提供 call recording 适用于高级及企业用户. The recordings are kept for 90 days, and there is no limit to the file size. 牛仔电话录音是每录音一分钟2美分. Jive使用Amazon S3存储, 每年免费给你5GB, 如果你愿意,还可以多买一些. It may sound a little unusual to store recordings in the cloud from the same company that sells you books, 但如果Amazon S3对Netflix和Pinterest来说足够好的话, 对Jive来说已经足够好了.

Both RingCentral and Jive offer the standard features we’ve come to expect from 网路电话bet8体育娱乐入口提供商, such as:

  • 无限的调用
  • Auto Attendant
  • 找到我/跟我来
  • 调用规则/办公时间
  • 按姓名拨号目录
  • 扩展拨号
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Park

Jive的另一个很酷的特性是 Jive Web,在那里你可以有“你的 云手机系统 在你的网页浏览器上".

Jive Web is a unified interface for managing your 云手机系统 and communicating internally and externally via your web browser. 您可以监视bet8手机app下载人的可用性, 地方网络电话, 发送短信, 并实时改变你的电话系统.

更多的好处RingCentral vs. Jive Contest

RingCentral和Jive都提供免费电话bet8体育娱乐入口. RingCentral有免费分钟, 标准订阅者得到1,000 minutes, 高级用户可获得2个,500 minutes, 企业用户获得10个,000 minutes. That said, in order to use those minutes, you must first purchase a toll-free number, which is $4.95/mo. Jive charges 1.9 cents/minute, and you need to purchase an additional number as well.

最大的障碍之一 VoIP phone adoption is the IP电话的成本, but both RingCentral and Jive have options to lower the capital investment. 在RingCentral, 你可以每月租一部电话, and with Jive, if a company with 25 users is willing to lock in a three-year contract, 他们得到了很大的折扣 虚拟业务电话,最基本的手机打折后是免费的.

One of the ways that Jive stands out is that they still have legacy support for fax machines. To be fair, you do have to purchase a fax adapter, which is billed as a separate user. RingCentral and Jive both offer very similar paperless fax services that can be accessed and configured on your computer or mobile device. RingCentral包括他们的传真bet8体育娱乐入口, 可以单独使用, 作为Office软件包的一部分.

准备升级你在多伦多的虚拟手机? Contact us at sales@atthetablenashville.com 或(416)256-9928查询更多有关bet8手机app下载的 virtual phones 多伦多的企业 that include cost-effective, fully-supported Jive and RingCentral business phone plans.

UC, Uptime & Support

RingCentral’s biggest feature is the video conference software. 仅对企业用户开放, RingCentral subscribers can video conference with 24 other participants on an Android or iOS device. Jive, unfortunately, does not offer a similar service, at least not yet. But, 另一方面, Jive offers one thing that RingCentral does not: A service level agreement (SLA).

有了它,Jive保证您将拥有99个.99%正常运行时间,否则你的部分账单将被退还. While RingCentral may be willing to give a subscriber a refund for the service being down, 他们没有义务这样做, nor do they outline ahead of time what money they’d be willing to refund.

RingCentral offers 24-7 support for office subscribers with two or more users. 较小的账户, including RingCentral Professional and RingCentral Fax have access from 5am to 6pm Eastern Time, 他们在加州的总部. Jive在犹他州的总部提供24/7的支持.

的RingCentral vs. Jive Verdict

The difference between RingCentral and Jive is reflective of the direction they nudge their target audience. Any industry can benefit from VoIP, so the differences are slight. RingCentral瞄准的是中小企业市场, 哪个城市有很多竞争者, so each one has to be a little louder or a little shinier to stand out. RingCentral meets that challenge with features like their 企业会议系统.

Jive,顾名思义,很酷,很镇定. Jive更强调这样的事情 Government and Education他们会提前数年制定预算. Jive想从你那里得到更多的承诺. For example, 这将需要一个三年的合同, 而不是一两个, 为了得到那些免费手机, and it may sting a little to pay for an app or number porting. 但一旦你承诺, you get a service which is guaranteed by an SLA to be reliable and trouble-free.

So, one question to ask yourself when you choose between the two of them is, 会有新功能吗, 一些新硬件, 或者价格的变化会让我想要改变 虚拟电话提供商 in a year or two? 如果有的话,RingCentral是更好的选择. 如果没有,任何一个提供者都将这样做.

关键是——不管是哪一种 虚拟电话系统你在多伦多的生意 选择,bet8手机app下载可以为您提供便利!

TekTonic, RingCentral and Jive: Your Virtual Phone Solution

那些寻找所有储蓄的企业 VoIP虚拟电话系统 and all the advanced-technology features they can get should choose a UCaaS (统一通信 作为一个bet8体育娱乐入口)云电话设置从RingCentral或Jive. 有了它,你可以得到一个基于云的电话系统(hosted PBX) with all the integrative features to update and optimize your 办公室电话系统 in the cloud.

Let us run you a quick analysis of your current business phone systems, towards being your 多伦多的虚拟电话供应商. bet8手机app下载可以保证你会很高兴你打电话给bet8手机app下载!


Whether you need mobile phone integration or the other advanced features 统一通信 provides, 就像托管的VoIP电话系统安排- TekTonic管理bet8体育娱乐入口 will get you to the business communications level at which you need to be.

Contact us at sales@atthetablenashville.com 或(416)256-9928查询更多有关bet8手机app下载的  virtual phones 多伦多的企业 that include Jive and RingCentral virtual business phone plans – and connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter as well!

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